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Sudoku Mobile Download

Download Sudoku for PDA and Pocket PC

You can download the newest English trial version of MaaTec Sudoku Mobile on this page.

The trial version of MaaTec Sudoku Mobile will only generate 5 different Sudokus per Sudoku size. Apart from that you can use it without limitations. You can use the Purchase link on this page to buy a valid license key that can be used in the Register mtSudoku dialog to remove the limitations of the trial version. You can open the 'Register mtSudoku' dialog via the Help menu of the Sudoku Mobile program. When entering the license key, you can also use lower-case characters.

Sudoku Installation

To install Sudoku Mobile, download the CAB file and copy it via ActiveSync to your Windows Mobile PDA, resp. Pocket PC. Now open the corresponding directory with the Pocket PC File Explorer and click the file to start the installation. After the installation is complete, you can start the Sudoku program via the Start menu: Start -> Programs -> Games -> MaaTec Sudoku.

Download zip MaaTec Sudoku Mobile (English) zip archive with instructions (1.6 MB)
Download cab MaaTec Sudoku Mobile (English) CAB file (2.0 MB)

To uninstall the application, ensure that it is not running in the memory any more: Open 'Start -> Settings -> System page -> Memory -> Running Programs page', select mtSudokuMobile from the list, and click 'Stop'. Now you can uninstall MaaTec Sudoku Mobile via 'Start -> Settings -> System page -> Remove Programs'.

Sudoku Mobile
Sudoku for PC

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