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Sudoku Version 1.9

You can use MaaTec Sudoku to play, create, print, solve, and edit sudokus. You can download a free trial version of the Sudoku program from the download page. If you are looking for printable sudoku puzzles, you may also visit our site License keys for previous versions will also work with the new MaaTec Sudoku application. And all future updates will be free as well.

Click on the pictures below to open full size screenshots. On the right of the image you find an example in PDF-format of using sudoku puzzles in other applications. Here you can see more pictures of the Sudoku standard board.

Sudoku images Sudoku with modified pattern 5x5 Sudoku 4x4 Sudoku 8x8 Sudoku Playing Sudoku 16x16 Sudoku Copy and Paste example (PDF)

Sudoku Feature Highlights

The application creates sudokus of different difficulty in the sizes 4x4, 9x9, 16x16, 25x25, and 36x36. Additionally you can now use sudoku puzzles with non-square hemmed areas. Currently such sudokus are offered in the sizes 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, 10x10, and 12x12 with different area patterns. The visible cells of newly created sudokus can be arranged as symmetrical patterns or without order.

Should you get stuck in the game, the sudoku application offers various hint options to support you. You can display the allowed values in every empty cell or set your own marks. The program can also highlight clearly solvable cells or present the whole solution of a sudoku puzzle at once.

You can change the sudoku board style and even import your own board graphics. More board and pieces graphics can be downloaded from the Boards page. You will find there also boards that are suitable for netbooks with lower screen resolutions.

You can enter sudoku puzzles from other sources (like books or magazines) and play them on the computer or let the sudoku solver find the solution. Generated sudokus can be modified or you can create your own sudoku puzzles. The application will always display whether a solution is possible.

You can print a single or up to twelve sudokus per page. If you like, you can also print the solutions. In addition you can copy a sudoku as scalable graphic, bitmap, and text to the clipboard and paste it in a text document or a spreadsheet. That way you can create your own sudoku puzzle books or add sudokus to invitations and greeting cards.

The sudoku application may be installed with or without setup. Both the setup and the files for manual installation can be found on the Download page.

New in MaaTec Sudoku 1.8 and 1.9

  • While editing Sudokus, you can now paste data from the clipboard into your newly created puzzle.
  • The creation algorithm for medium and easy difficulties was modified to create even more 'human' solvable Sudoku puzzles.
  • The new detailed Hint function displays now also the numbers that are the cause for a unique solution of a specific cell. It is of course still possible to use the simple hints of the previous versions. The display time for the hints can be adjusted.
  • The symmetrical pattern creation algorithm was enhanced again and will now avoid to create Sudoku patterns that contain rows, columns, or areas with less than two free cells.
  • The program can now highlight the row and column of the standard board that are currently under the mouse cursor.
  • On Windows Vista, MaaTec Sudoku is integrated into the Game Explorer.
  • The GUI was reworked and now also supports XP- and Vista-themes.
  • When printing Sudokus, you can add a footer to each page that may also contain page numbers and the chosen difficulty.
  • The boards package '7x7 to 9x9 - Wood, Metal & Glass' and a new 9x9 metal board graphic were added to the setup.

You can find the changes in previous versions of the sudoku application in the version history.

Sudoku System Requirements

Windows® 95 / 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista,
133 MHz processor (for very large Sudokus a faster processor is recommended),
32 MB of free RAM when the OS is running,
MS HTML Help and IE 4 needed to use the help file,
Windows® NT needs version 4 with SP 6 to run the setup,
Users of previous NT versions need to install manually.

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