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Comparison between MTNA Std and Pro Versions

     Std       Pro   
Protocol Analyzer that collects network data from multiple network cards and displays the packets in a list view with confígurable columns    
Packet decoder that displays the content of a network packet as cleartext and in hexadecimal format    
Online view of incoming packets (Analyze, decode, and filter network packets while data collection is running)    
Real-time network traffic statistics with cumulated transfer volume that is displayed in a table including real-time sorting of any data column; text or bar graph format for numerical values    
Switchable Easy Statistics Mode with 21 statistics modules and Advanced Mode with more than 50 statistics modules; analyze network traffic per system (LAN or Internet), protocol (different layers), network card, connection (single direction or duplex), or some combinations of these    
Boot-free installation possible; open multiple windows at the same time that display different data; optimized for highest performance, runs on multi-processor machines; multiple packet filtering options    
Network load over time statistics with history (configurable period of time and number of entries) that uses the same statistics modules as the above real-time statistics; you can choose between different chart types to display the results (e.g. lines, stacked lines, stacked bars, etc.); the charts can be saved to disk in PNG (8/24 bit), BMP (1-8/24 bit), or Enhanced Metafile format; the size and resolution of the bitmaps is configurable    
Scheduled network traffic reports in HTML / XHTML or text format with up to 5 sub-reports per page; each sub-report can use any of the above statistics modules and displays the data in a table (optionally with charts)    
Report generation can be controlled with command-line options and can be started and stopped in the background with the Windows® Task Scheduler    
Scheduled Collector that allows manual or scheduled direct to disk packet capturing.    

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