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MTNA Application Version 1.8

Here you can download the MaaTec Network Analyzer application. All files contain the Std and Pro version. You can use the Network Analyzer without registration under the terms of a trial license for a period of 21 days. After that you need to register the application to continue using it. For this purpose you need to purchase a valid license key. Go to the purchase page for more details.

It is recommended to use the MTNA setup to install the Network Analyzer. But you can install the application manually as well. The full setup ensures that you get needed system files, and it allows to uninstall the software via the control panel. Therefore the download size is larger, and the installer may need to reboot your system, while the manual installation will never need a reboot.

Please note that Windows NT 4 needs Service Pack 6 to run the Windows Installer, hence you need to use the manual installation files for NT 4 systems with Service Packs less than 6.

Download Download MTNA Setup executable file (2.8 MB)
Download Download Setup files in zip format (2.8 MB)
Download Download the MTNA files for manual installation (zip format, 2.3 MB)
Download Download the MTNA files for manual installation (self-extracting executable, 2.4 MB)
Download Download the MTNA manual (PDF) (zip format, 1.4 MB)
You can find an uncompressed version on the Documentation page.

Buy Std - $49 / 39€
Compare Versions
Buy Pro - $239 / 199€

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