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I'm using the nVidia firewall or other firewall software and I can capture no or only limited packet data

The Network Analyzer needs to access your network card and the firewall may block this. To ensure that you receive all network data you should switch off the firewall as long as you monitor network traffic. At least you need to allow promiscuous mode access to the network card and switch off any firewall functions that limit the access to the network. For the nVidia firewall, open the extended configuration page 'Anti-Hacking' and allow the promiscuous mode. Additionally switch off ActiveArmor. You may find similar configurations for other firewalls. These configurations will usually allow to see at least the common network data that is directed to the PC running the Network Analyzer.

I'm using a network switch and I can only capture network data that belongs the same PC that runs the Network Analyzer

Network switches do only send broadcast data to all ports. Otherwise they will only send data to a ports if this port is connected to a system that is addressed in the data packets. Thus you can only see packets that belong to the analyzer PC. If you are using a managed switch you may have (or you can configure) a monitoring port to which you can connect your analyzer PC. Otherwise you will need to connect the analyzer PC and other systems that you want to monitor to a non-switching hub. Or you need to run the Network Analyzer on the same PC that you want to monitor.

My anti-virus software reports that 'NetAccess.exe' tries to install a driver / Windows Vista asks for permission to start the program 'Network Analyzer Network Access'

The MaaTec Network Analyzer needs a kernel driver to get access to the network card(s) of your system. This driver is installed when you start the program and will be removed when it is closed. This way the driver won't use any system resources while it is not needed and you can install and run the Network Analyzer without rebooting the computer. Due to the changed security behavior of Windows Vista, the driver installation was moved to the sub-process 'NetAccess.exe'. This allows the Network Analyzer itself to run with restricted rights, so that it behaves the same under Vista as under Windows XP (e.g. Drag&Drop support and viewing of data files without admin account). If you want to capture data packets from the network, you will need to allow the system to run the NetAccess program.


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