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Version History and Future

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Version 1.9  
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Possible features in future releases

This list contains some features that may be implemented in future releases of the MaaTec Network Analyzer. If you miss a feature or if you want a specific feature rather soon, please send a short message to

  • Additional report formats (RTF, XML, etc.)
  • Daily or weekly summary reports
  • Monitoring module that sends e-mails (or creates other messages) when some traffic value exceeds a limit for a specific time
  • Remote configuration of reports
  • View of the network structure by evaluating routing packets of protocols that contain the needed information for this task (e.g. OSI or OSPF)
  • TCP- and/or OSI-connection monitoring with collection of fragmented packets (this would allow to implement upper layer decoders as well)
  • Decoder SDK that allows to build own extension DLLs for additional protocol decoders in C++

Version History

Version 1.80 Nov-05-2010
  • Performance optimizations for higher bandwith capturing and multi-threaded NIC access
  • Possible access violation on systems with more than one network card under very high load conditions

Version 1.71 Jun-24-2009
  • The 'Load Page' button on address filter settings pages allows to import comma- or tab-separated address data files (one address with separated description per line) by selecting the 'address import files' type in the file open dialog
  • Display problems of some drop-down buttons in multi-monitor configurations

Version 1.70 Apr-04-2008
  • New protocol decoders for PPTP, GRE, ICSLAP, CBCP
  • Enhancements to some of the present decoders
  • Exporting report settings with version 1.6 could create corrupted settings files that failed to import into the application afterwards
  • Decoding problem with compressed protocol numbers in PPP packets

Version 1.63 Nov-27-2007
  • TCP and UDP - Other Ports protocol type that allows filtering of data packets with unknown TCP and UDP ports (of course, you can still add port numbers to the tcp.ports and udp.ports files)
  • Possible (but rare) permanent failure to install and start the driver for network access
  • Missing language tag and non-canonical URL encoding in network reports

Version 1.61 Jun-05-2007
  • Possible crash when dumping an unusual DHCP packet with empty hardware address

Version 1.60 Jun-01-2007
  • New VLAN ID filter and VLAN statistics
  • A context menu is now also available for addresses in the real-time statistics grid
  • Redundant file extensions were displayed in the file filter list of the file open dialog

Version 1.50 Feb-19-2007
  • Support for Windows Vista (including 64-bit versions)
  • New decoders for LLMNR, WS-Discovery, and Teredo
  • Enhanced IPv6 decoders
  • Support for files that are larger than 2 GB
  • New Scheduled Collector in the Pro version that allows manual or scheduled direct to disk packet capturing
  • Wrong allocation percentage display for large buffer settings in packet view
  • Failure to save changed local address name in the Packet Source view
  • Minor decoding problems

Version 1.45 Nov-3-2005
  • Support for 64-bit Windows
  • Decoding of IEEE 802.1q VLAN packets
  • 'Hide when minimized' option
  • Occasional problems when running the Network Analyzer in a Terminal Server Client session (remote desktop)

Version 1.44 Mar-11-2005
  • NetBIOS address Filters and enhanced NetBIOS address display format
  • Addresses can be assigned to address groups that can be used in statistics and reports instead of single address names
  • Auto-update of the address database can be switched off
  • A module filter allows to reduce the number of statistics modules that are displayed by the Statistics Module combo box in different settings dialogs
  • Occasional value list update problems when switching between statistics modules in the Settings dialog

Version 1.43 Sep-05-2004
  • Added some ethertypes and vendor codes
  • The letters 'A' and 'H' could not be used when editing names in some of the Settings dialog pages
  • Added the missing Lifetime value in the ICMP decoder for the 'Router Advert' packet

Version 1.42 Aug-01-2004
  • Auto-Start Collection option that allows to start data collection as soon as a new Packet List or Statistics window is opened (no need to click the Start collect button any more)
  • Tip of the Day display at startup of the application
  • Enhanced keyboard control of the Settings dialog: Enter and Escape keys can now be used to accept or cancel the dialog, Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab scroll through the available settings pages
  • About box allows to switch between PRO and STD mode of the trial version
  • Start problems after registration or license expiration of Network Analyzer applications that were installed with the STD version setup (this was only available via Simtel and Tucows)

Version 1.4 Jun-15-2004
  • Network Load over Time Statistics (with history) with different chart types (lines, stacked bars, group bars, etc.)
  • RFC 3492 international domain name (PUNYCODE) support in DNS decoder
  • DHCP packet evaluation to update address name database
  • New statistics modules for traffic between two systems, optionally with protocol
  • Option to switch between advanced statistics mode with access to more than 50 network statistics and the new 'Easy Statistics Mode' that will offer only the most commonly used statistics modules with more understandable names
  • Application window position is saved
  • Possible data overflow in long-term reports if more than 4 GB of data were transferred by a system in a single measurement period
  • Minor painting problems after buffer of stopped real-time statistics was emptied
  • Minor memory leak in real-time statistics module
  • Possible crash if packet with unknown protocol was received
  • Possible crash if the application window was resized to a small width while only one view tab was visible

Version 1.3 Feb-18-2004
  • Customizable columns in the packet list view; display of lower layer protocols, different address formats, and relative time in the packet list
  • Column width for packet list view and statistics view is saved
  • Increased accuracy when synchronizing to the system clock (difference to clock now less than 1 ms)
  • Incorrect formatted display of time intervals (e.g. TTL in DNS)

Version 1.2 Dec-08-2003
  • Generation of reports in HTML or XHTML format
  • Different network stats in a single report
  • Bitmap and HTML charts in reports
  • Start of reports via command line options (allows use of the Windows® Task Scheduler to create network reports)
  • Creation of report files failed if root (e.g. C:) was chosen as target directory
  • Fixed possible crash of the application when stats view columns were changed while statistics data collection was running

Version 1.1 Nov-06-2003
  • Real-time network traffic statistics with 25 different statistics modules
  • Scheduled network traffic reports as tab-separated text files
  • Enhanced bar graphics
  • Sometimes the configuration files were not loaded, when a packet-file was opened by double-clicking it in the Explorer
  • Icons of the main window tab-bar had minor graphic trouble under Windows® XP

Version 1.0 Sep-01-2003
Fixed -

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