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Download the Sudoku Program

You can download the newest English trial version of MaaTec Sudoku on this page.

The trial version of MaaTec Sudoku will only generate 15 different sudoku puzzles per sudoku size. Apart from that you can use it without limitations for 14 days. After that period the application will only generate a single sudoku and the commands for saving, opening, and creating sudokus are disabled. You can use the Purchase link on this page to buy a valid license key that can be used in the Register mtSudoku dialog to remove the limitations of the trial version. You can open the 'Register mtSudoku' dialog via the Help menu of the sudoku application. This dialog contains a link to the mtSudoku purchase page as well.

It is recommended to use the MaaTec Sudoku setup for installation. But you can install the application manually as well. The full setup allows to uninstall the software via the control panel. Therefore the download size is larger, and the installer may (rarely) need to reboot your system, while the manual installation will never need a reboot.

Please note that Windows NT 4 needs Service Pack 6 to run the Windows Installer, hence you need to use the manual installation files for NT 4 systems with Service Packs less than 6.

Download MaaTec Sudoku Setup (English) executable file (4.0 MB)
Download mtSudoku files for manual installation (English) (Zip-Format 2.6 MB)
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