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You can take a look at the MaaTec Sudoku help in WebHelp format here. You will need Java and JavaScript for best results.

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If you have further questions or suggestions, please send an email to


The board graphics are too large for my netbook screen, how can I use the program anyway?

For some Sudoku sizes, you can download a board package that is suitable for netbooks from the boards page. Apart from that, you can always select the 'Standard Board' via the View menu. This is independent of the screen resolution and can be manifoldly adjusted with the Settings dialog.

The installation fails under Windows Vista with the message that one component could not be installed. What shall I do?

Unfortunately some Vista installations seem to fail sometimes when trying to enter a program into the game explorer. In this case retry to install the program. If this fails again, please use the files for manual installation from the download page. Afterwards you can create links to the mtSudoku.exe file via drag&drop (usually this works even with the game explorer).

The numbers/pieces appear after clicking the Sudoku board only with a significant delay. How can I speed this up?

Some dual-core systems under Windows XP have problems when threads are switched. This can trouble the sound output of the Sudoku application. Until a Microsoft patch is available, switch off the sound output in the Settings dialog.

When starting the Sudoku program, it stops immediately with an error message. And I get the same error every time I try to restart the program.

Unfortunately there was a bug in version 1.2.0 (mtSudoku.exe with date from Jan. 26. 2006) that led to this problem if the application was closed while a completely solved Sudoku was visible. This was fixed four days later, but some download sites may still offer this version. Please download the current version from this site and install it over your version. You should then be able to start the program again.

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